Tarik Shounia

Tarik Shounia

Clinical Associate Professor

Tarik Shounia
Contact Info:
Campus: Corktown Campus
Building: School of Dentistry
Room: DC 321
Phone: 313-494-6683
Tarik Shounia


  • D.D.S., University of Detroit Mercy
  • M.Sc., London University
  • D.D.P.H., Royal College of Surgeon of England
  • B.D.S., University of Baghdad


Professor Shounia is the director of the mobile dental clinic, Titans for Teeth. He teaches clinical pediatric dentistry to dental students. Professor Shounia received his B.D.S. from University of Baghdad, D.D.P.H. from Royal College of Surgeon of England, M.Sc. from London University - England, and D.D.S. from University of Detroit Mercy. His area of interest includes pediatric and preventive dentistry and dental public health. He joined the University in 2014.