Miao Qian

Miao Qian

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Miao Qian
Contact Info:
Campus: McNichols Campus
Building: Reno Hall
Room: 218
Phone: 313-578-0455
Miao Qian


  • Ph.D., University of Toronto
  • M.A., Zhejiang Normal University, China
  • B.S., Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics, China


Miao Qian (pronounced Mee-Aw, Chi-en) earned her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology and Education from the University of Toronto, Canada. Qian joined the University of Detroit Mercy in 2021 after completing two years of postdoctoral psychology training in the Inequality in American Initiative program at Harvard University. Qian teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in developmental psychology. Her research interest is in child social cognition; seeking answers about how children acquire knowledge of social categories such as race and gender, and how they use the knowledge to perceive, evaluate and judge others.

Qian’s research sits across developmental and social psychology, using methodologies and theories from cognitive, social-cognitive and developmental psychology. She currently has two lines of research: (1) The origin and root of implicit intergroup bias and the social-cognitive factors that drive bias development; (2) the malleability of implicit social biases, such as racial bias and gender bias, and interventions to reduce them in childhood. In 2023, Qian was nominated in Diverse: Issues In Higher Education as one of 15 Emerging Scholars, a decision based on a number of factors such as uniqueness of scholarship, commitment to teaching, community service, scholarly awards, honors and academic accomplishments.

Learn more about Miao Qian at https://miaoqian.wixsite.com/miaoqian




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    2021 and in press

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