Escaped Prisoner - CAPTURED

Date: August 24, 2016

Location: On Campus / Off Campus / Oakland County Circuit Court in Pontiac


The Department of Public Safety wants to inform the University community that the escaped felon by the name of Johnny Rodgers was apprehended near Outer Drive and Hubbell around 5:00PM on today's date.  Rodgers was re-arrested without incident.

DPS will continue to provide the community with security and safety information through safety notices and updates on the DPS web site.   

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    Safety Tips

    • Be aware of others in your surrounding area.     
    • Utilize the campus escort policy or travel with others when possible.
    • Make an attempt to conduct business during hours of daylight.
    • Have your keys in hand so you are ready to open the car and house doors immediately
    • Be aware of your surroundings and others around you at all times.
    • Limit the use of devices that distract you while you are walking (Ex. text message, iPods)
    • On campus emergencies call Public Safety 313-993-1123
    • Off campus emergencies call 9-1-1