Wellness & Well-Being

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University of Detroit Mercy is proud to focus its efforts on creating an environment that enables wellness and well-being and promotes health as a basic human right for every member of our University community.

Through outreach and education, our Detroit Mercy community can empower, strengthen and promote the care of one another.

The Wellness & Well-Being website brings awareness to the deeper-rooted topics affecting one’s health and provides actionable information and resources for nourishing individual and collective well-being. 

Health News/Events

January newsletter: Your Health Matters

A logo for the Wellness Center with three people in a logo and words reading Body, Spirit and Mind.The Wellness Center has teamed up with The Brieden Group to bring you the January issue of "Your Health Matters," a monthly wellness newsletter for Detroit Mercy.

December newsletter: Your Health Matters

Want a quick way to learn about your wellness and well-being? Check out our benefit providers monthly newsletter!

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wellness The University defines Wellness as healthy physical behaviors.

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EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING Feelings and experiences that improve quality of life, ability to realize your full potential, and cope with the stressors of life.

Emotional Health Resources

PURPOSE OR CAREER Liking what you do and being motivated to work toward your goals and utilize continuous improvement.

Career Resources

SOCIAL WELL-BEING Your relationships, the support you give and receive, and how you connect with those who impact you, including friends, family, peers and colleagues.

Social Well-Being Resources

FINANCIAL WELL-BEING How you manage, spend, and relate to money, as well as reducing finance-related stress.

Financial Resources

COMMUNITY WELL-BEING Feeling pride in where you work and live, and making meaningful connections and contributions in your community.

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Peer Wellness Educators

Peer wellness educators are student leaders hired for their enthusiastic and dedicated interest in the areas of wellness and well-being that impact on our University community. You might think of them as wellness and well-being ambassadors.

These students are housed on campus and work closely with the Wellness Center and Student Life Office.

Our peer wellness educators utilize traditional health promotion to address improvements in physiological and psychological conditions, as well as behavioral health promotion to encourage the reduction of harmful behaviors. Through programming, campaigns and tabling events, these educators encourage all aspects of health for Detroit Mercy students and employees. 

Have questions? Please email us at peerwellness@udmercy.edu. If you would like to make a request for a wellness or well-being program, please complete the Peer Wellness Educators Programming Request Form.