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    Hiring Resident Advisors, Orientation Leaders, International Orientation Leaders, and Wellness Peer Educators,

    We're Hiring - International Student Services, Residence Life, and The Student Life Office are hiring our Student Leaders for the 2022-2023 academic year.

    Student Leaders, Apply Here. Applications go live February 1st

    We are currently recruiting for:

    • Residence Advisors with the Office of Residence Life
    • Orientation Leaders with The Student Life Office
    • International Orientation Leaders with the International Services Office
    • Wellness Peer Educators with The Wellness Center

    Important Dates:

    •  Applications due: February 17th at Noon

    Information Sessions (not required):

    We will be having optional information sessions:


    • February 17th at Noon: Application Due
    • Week of February 27th – March 24th: Individual Interview
    • March 28th or March 29th: Group Interview
    • February 24th: Recommendation Forms due – Linked here
      • Each candidate is required to have three references.  A current Detroit Mercy Faculty/staff member. A current student leader (RAs must have an RA reference), and a third of your choosing (NOT a family member or close friend)
    • April 3rd: Decisions are emailed to applicants.
    • May 1st and May 2nd: Mandatory Training


    Resident Advisors are student staff members of the Office of Residence Life staff. They report to and are directly supervised by a Residence Director. Resident Advisors have the most frequent and direct communication with resident students; therefore, they have an outstanding opportunity to contribute to the growth and educational development of individuals. They also have a great responsibility in implementing programs, policies and procedures as outlined within the Office of Residence Life, Guide to Residence Living. This student staff position requires enthusiasm, flexibility, dedication and commitment as well as the ability to respond to the changing needs and situations of our residential students.

    Contact: Sandra Alef 

     Job Responsibilities:

    • Participate in the Residence Life duty rotation
    • Nurturing the development of the residential community
    • Organize and implements programs and activities to support community development
    • Enforce guidelines and policies for the Residence Halls and the University
    • Participate in training and staff development
    • Other duties as assigned

     RA Requirements:

    • 2.5 GPA
    • Create your own Program Proposal WITH flier (Due: February 24th)
    • 3 Recommendations (Due: February 24th) - RA Recommendation Form
      • One is from a current Residence Life Staff Member
      • One is from a current Faculty/Staff Member from Detroit Mercy
      • One is from a mentor/employer that you are not related to and would not be considered a friend
    • Please email with any questions.
    • Each candidate is required to have three references.  The reference forms are online and can be sent electronically to your references.  You can access these forms on the Residence Life website at or following the link above.
    • Program Proposal Information: Flier is due to by March 11th.
      • During your individual interview, you will be asked to present a program or activity that you could engage in with your hall or floor. You expect to have 20 participants and have been given a budget of $10 from your supervisor. The program will fall under the category of Diversity or Spirituality. During your interview you will: a) Present your program flier (8 ½ x 11) b) Present a proposed shopping list and/or how you plan to spend the money c) Discuss why you chose this activity/program d) Describe the educational outcomes your residents might gain from this program/activity.


    International Orientation Leaders (IOL's) are undergraduate or graduate students whose role is to introduce new international students to the Detroit Mercy. IOL’s will assist the International Services Office’s staff to make the new students feel welcome and situated at the university.   Students will receive a competitive hourly wage as compensation for time and contributions.     

    Contact: Lilly Swan 

     Job Responsibilities: 

    • Work with ISO staff on Orientation materials and activities (on and off-campus) 
    • Serve as a positive representative of the Detroit Mercy while fostering a welcoming environment among its newest students 
    • Acquaint new students with campus services, building locations, and campus culture 
    • Must be English proficient 
    • Attend May and August trainings 
    • Other duties as assigned 

    Orientation Leaders (OLs) are undergraduate students who play an integral role in introducing new students to the Detroit Mercy serving as mentors and sharing their experiences as successful students. Throughout the summer, OLs assist our incoming students and their families in a variety of capacities, all to make the newest members of our community excited and prepared to come to UDM. OLs work in collaboration with other OLs, First Year Experience (FYE) professional staff, University Housing staff, academic advisors, and other University administrators to ensure that new students have a positive orientation experience.

    Contact: Stephanie Wheeler

     Job Responsibilities

    • Facilitate small group interaction with incoming students 
    • Serve as a positive representative of the Detroit Mercy while fostering a welcoming environment among its newest community members 
    • Acquaint new students with campus services and building locations 
    • Communicate essential information in a variety of public settings 
    • Assist with the preparation of Orientation materials and activities 
    • Attend and participate in all OL training sessions
    • Maintain contacts with PTV group for the first six weeks of the semester
    • Other duties as assigned

    Wellness Peer Educators,  Peer Wellness Educators on the Health Education Action Team are students that bring a vibrant approach and awareness to wellness and well-being topics for the Detroit Mercy community.  These students directly report to, and are Supervised by, the Wellness Coordinator. As a team, the students will plan, create, and implement programming and initiatives that connect students to University services and promote healthy behaviors.  Outreach programs, virtual webinars, and tabling events will focus on topics such as stress, alcohol and other drugs, sexual health, and mental and physical wellness.  The ideal candidate will have an interest in public health, physical wellness, or mental well-being; be comfortable in approaching peers or addressing groups; and have an engaging attitude and willingness to help others. Any major of coursework is eligible to apply.  

    Contact:  Joelyn Beaver, 

    Job Responsibilities: 

    • Participate in the planning of programming or events;  
    • Assist with on-campus vaccine clinics;  
    • Create programming materials for presentation to peer groups;  
    • Staff outreach and tabling events, including pre-planning activities; and  
    • Create social media content and notifications.  



    Singles for 2022-2023

    The single room process is only for one academic year and something that we start from fresh every Fall semester. 

    Students who are interested in a single (for whatever reason) will need to fill out the form to be on the waitlist. 

    Students who are eligible for an ADA single will need to request the single through the accommodation form below in addition to the Single Waitlist.

    Students Requiring a single or specific facility accommodations:

    Disability Support Services Contact Information

    Phone: 313-993-1158
    Fax: 313-578-0342

Students in a dorm room.

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Alliance Catholic Credit Union is opening a branch. There is one ATM in the Student Union. 

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