Student Employment Program

The Student Employment Program at Detroit Mercy encompasses both the Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program and the university’s campus Non Work-Study (NWS) Program. As a whole the Student Employment Program provides an opportunity for students to secure academic or career-oriented employment while providing essential services to the university and community.

It is part-time employment (up to 20 hours per week for either FWS or NWS) on campus, or off-campus with selected non-profit organizations during the regular academic year.

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    Who is Eligible for Student Employment?

    Both Work-study and Non Work-study students must follow the guidelines to be eligible to participate in student employment.

    • Students must be registered at least half-time (6 credit hours for undergraduate; 5 credit hours for graduate students) during the regular academic year.
    • All students must have a social security number (or at least have applied for one).

    Summer Eligibility

    Students must be:

    • enrolled in the summer term OR
    • registered at least half-time for the following fall semester 

    There may be times when work-study students enrolled less than half-time for the summer term may be able to work, however, that will be dependent on funding for the work-study program during that academic year. If a decision is made to allow students to work less than half time then it will be announced to the university during the winter term of that academic year.

    Federal Work-Study

    • The student must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA)
    • They must indicate on the FAFSA that they are interested in work-study funds.
    • A work-study award is based on demonstrated need, which is determined by the Federal formula. If the student's Federal formula indicates that they have need, then work-study funds will be included as a part of the student's complete Financial Aid Award Package.

    If a student has questions about whether or not they are eligible for work-study funds, they should contact their Financial Aid Advisor.


    What is the difference between Work Study & Non Work Study?

    Federal Work-Study (FWS)

    A "Federal Work Study" student has financial need and has qualified through the Financial Aid Office for a specific Federal or State aid program. The student is granted a specific allotment of money which can be earned. Students earn money on an hourly basis until they have received their allotment, or until the end of the term, whichever comes first.

    It is the responsibility of the student and the supervisor to keep track of the earnings. Once a student earns their allotment, they must stop working, or be switched to non-work study status in some instances.

    Non Work-Study (NWS)

    Any employment that is not from Federal or State programs is considered "Non-Work Study", and is funded totally through the individual department. These are generally hourly positions, but some may be paid through a stipend.

    Included in the Non-Work Study program are Resident Assistants, Teaching Assistants, Graduate Assistants, International students, and any student who may not have a financial need for federal work-study funds.


    How Do Students Obtain/Retain Student Employment?

    The process for securing a student employment position is multi-stepped:
    1. Prior to applying for a position, all students must complete the Student Employment Authorization Form (SEAF).
      • Students can see if they were awarded Federal Work Study by reviewing their financial aid award offer on My Portal
    2. After you submit the form, students must wait to receive a confirmation from the Financial Aid Office confirming employment eligibility.
      • You only need to submit the SEAF once. Submitting more than one SEAF slows down the process. Please be patient. 
      • If you did not receive authorization, please contact the Financial Aid Office to find out more details.
    3. Once approved and have received the SEAF from Financial Aid students can apply for positions on Handshake.
    4. Students must then wait for the supervisor or department to set up an interview. 
    5. Once a supervisor agrees to hire a student, the student must initiate the Student Payroll Authorization (SPA) form. Students must enter the supervisor's contact information and upload the SEAF.
      • Students with multiple student employment jobs will need to complete one SPA for each position.
    6. After the SPA is completed by the supervisor the SPA will be sent to the Student Employment Coordinator and onboarding will begin:: 
      • All students who have never worked OR not worked for UDM in the past 12 months will receive a notification for onboarding/hew hire paperwork through Paylocity.
      • All students will need to complete an I-9 electronically, even if they have previously worked. Students must provide documentation to their employer to show their identity and authorization to work/ Please see a list of acceptable documents.
      • All new hires will need to provide an original social security card to confirm SSN accuracy for payroll tax purposes
    7. Students and supervisors will receive an email from the Student Employment Coordinator confirming that the SPA has been processed and the student's time card has been set up and may begin employment. 
    8. It is the responsibility of the student to record their time accurately and submit their electronic timecards when necessary. 
      • It is strongly recommended that students download the Paylocity App to be more efficient with punching in and out for their employment.
    9. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to approve the student's hours biweekly. 

    How Do Supervisors Post a Position?

    There are multiple steps required to hire a student as an employee.

    If you are planning to hire a student, you must complete the Student Position Request form to begin the process.

    • You must indicate whether the position requires students to have federal work-study eligibility.
    • For non-work-study positions, you must know what FOAP will be used to pay the student(s).
    • Even for federal work-study students, you must provide a FOAP in case the student exceeds their federal work-study earnings eligibility.

    Once the position is posted, you will receive an email confirmation and a URL link to your job posting so you can share that with students. 

    Students will find your position through HandShake

    Should you need any help, please contact the Student Employment Coordinator at (313) 536-3940 or


    International Students

    International students studying at University of Detroit Mercy and residing in the United States on an F-1 or J-1 visa are eligible for student employment on the UDM campus during their program of study.

    Canadian Commuter students on an F-1 visa are not eligible for student employment under federal regulations.

    All international students must follow a few key steps before starting an on-campus job:

    Prior to completing any of the steps above, international students must apply for a Social Security Number if they don't already have one. You will need to provide a copy of your receipt showing the date that you applied for your social security number. Once a student obtains a social security number, they must update Student Payroll with their social security number. 

    For additional information on employment for International Students, visit the ISO website.



    Where are the jobs?

    Most employment is on campus, in a variety of offices and departments.

    Some opportunities are off-campus with government agencies and non-profit organizations that have established a contract with the university. Many of these positions are community service related.

    Work-study and Non Work-study job opportunities are posted on Handshake.


    When are jobs available?

    Jobs are posted on a rolling basis as they become available. 

    It is a recommendation that Federal Work-Study students secure a position by Oct. 31 for Term 1; or by Feb. 28 for Term 2.


    Why should students participate?

    Part-time employment can provide valuable experience and training and may lead to career opportunities.

    Student's earnings can be used to offset some of their educational cost (books & materials, housing & food, or tuition).

    Student employees provide great service to the university community and are able to assist in a variety of areas.


    Student Responsibilities

    1. Submit your time-sheet on time (every payday Friday) through Paylocity
    2. Report accurately the hours/dates worked (max 20 per week).
    3. Monitor earnings if Federal Work-Study Employee/ Stay within your work-study award amount.
    4. Stop working immediately if your enrollment status falls below half-time (6 credits undergrad and professional students (JD/DDS); 4.5 credits graduate students).
    5. Report to work on time.
    6. Notify your supervisor as soon as possible when you will be late or unable to work.
    7. Perform your work in a professional manner.
    8. Take your job seriously, and perform at your highest level.
    9. Refrain from conducting personal business on the job.
    10. Maintain confidentiality of information.
    11. Do not falsify any information on your time card or employment application. (Falsification of information is a cause for immediate dismissal from the Student Employment Program at Detroit Mercy and may be grounds for other punitive or legal action).
    12. Dress appropriately for the job location.
    13. If a problem arises, discuss it with your supervisor and try to resolve it.
    14. If you are unable to resolve a problem, contact the Student Employment Coordinator.