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Important Phone Numbers and Websites

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    Federal Financial Aid Application Processor

    Processing and correcting your financial aid application.


    Federal FSA ID

    The FSA ID must be used to log in to U.S. Department of Education websites to confirm your identity and electronically sign Federal Student Aid documents, such as your FAFSA, Entrance Counseling, and Master Promissory Notes. Any person (student, parent, spouse) who will be a contributor on the FAFSA will need to have an FSA ID.


    Other Federal Link

    Internal Revenue Service/Federal Tax Transcript Copies

    Helpful site for all your U.S. tax questions.

    Social Security Administration

    The Social Security Administration’s home page.

    National Student Clearinghouse

    Obtain Enrollment Verifications and deferments sent to lenders.


    State Aid Links

    Michigan Scholarship & Tuition Grant Program

    Access to the State of Michigan’s Scholarship and Grant Programs.

    Michigan Education Trust (MET)

    Find out more information about Michigan's 529 prepaid tuition savings program.

    Michigan Education Program (MESP)

    Know more about Michigan's 529 plan.


    Free Scholarship Searches

    Free Scholarship Searches

    Some of the many places to search for additional scholarships!