Professional Writing Minor

A Professional Writing minor equips students with the writing skills to excel in a broad range of professional contexts. The minor consists of six courses (18 credits) chosen in consultation with your English Department advisor. At least half of the credits for the minor (9 credits) must be at or above the 3000 level.

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    Requirements for the Professional Writing Minor (18 credits)

    Requirements for the Professional Writing Minor (18 credits)

    Required Course (3 credits):

    • ENL 2060 Introduction to Professional Writing (3 credits)

    Foundational Courses (6 credits) - Choose two:

    • ENL 3030 Technical Writing (3 credits)
    • ENL 3050 Writing for Print and Web (3 credits)
    • ENL 3080 Business Writing (3 credits)

    Electives (9 credits) - Choose three below. One course can be fulfilled with an additional Foundational Course from above:

    • ENL 3060 Research and Research Writing (3 credits)
    • ENL 3540 Topics in Language and Linguistics (3 credits)
    • ENL 4050 Editorial Processes and Products (3 credits)
    • ENL 4070 Grant Writing (3 credits)
    • ENL 4520 Rhetorical Studies Seminar (3 credits)
    • CST 1120 Visual Communication (3 credits)
    • CST 3240 Feature Writing (3 credits)
    • CST 3400 Public Relations Writing (3 credits)
    • CST 3450* The Varsity News (3 credits)
    • Up to three core curriculum IT1 courses may also count as electives for the Professional Writing minor.
    * This course has the prerequisite of CST 2030 News Writing and Reporting I.



    Students must complete a final portfolio.

    Note on Residency Requirement:

    At least 12 credits of the courses required for the minor must be taken at Detroit Mercy unless the courses are taken as part of a consortium agreement.

Program Contact Information

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