Philosophy Minor


The 18-credit-hour minor in Philosophy is comprised of nine credit hours (or three courses) that provide the necessary foundation for advanced study in Philosophy (PHL 1000, PHL 2010 and PHL 1500 or PHL 2500) and are therefore required of all students who choose the minor. The remaining nine hours in the minor allow the student to choose three upper division PHL 3000-level or PHL 4000-level courses that explore those philosophical issues in which the student has the greatest interest.

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    Requirements for the Philosophy Minor (18 credits)

    Required (9 credits)

    • PHL 1000 Introduction to Philosophy (3 credits)
    • PHL 2010 Foundations of Ethics (3 credits) OR ETH 3580 Health Care Ethics (3 credits)
    • PHL 1500 Critical Thinking (3 credits) OR  PHL 2500 Symbolic Logic (3 credits)

    Additional Courses - choose three (9 credits):

    • Select three additional upper-division PHL courses (3000-4000 level).* ETH 3580 and/or POL 3800 may also be taken. ETH 3580 can count only once in the minor area.

    * The following courses are accepted as 3000/4000-level PHL courses: POL 3800 Elements of Political Thought (3 credits) and ETH 3580 Health Care Ethics (3 credits). Students may only count one directed study as an upper-division PHL elective.

    Important Notes:

    • The department recommends that students considering a minor consult with an advisor in the Philosophy Department when choosing upper division philosophy elective courses. Through the use of directed readings (limit one per minor) and advanced topics in philosophy courses, the Philosophy Department can help students design minors that best complement their particular major and/or interests.
    • Students seeking a Philosophy minor are encouraged to take more than the 18 hours required.
    • PHL 1000 is a prerequisite for all other philosophy courses except for PHL 1400, PHL 1500 and PHL 2500; these are logic courses which may be taken without prior coursework in philosophy.
    • For a list of 3000+ level philosophy courses, see our list of courses.
    • Please contact a member of the Philosophy Department for advising in the minor.

Program Contact Information

Martin Leever, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair
Department of Philosophy
Briggs Building, Room 312
McNichols Campus

Telephone: 313-993-1135
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