Computer & Information Systems - Cybersecurity (BS)


University of Detroit Mercy is recognized by the National Security Agency and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as a Center for Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense from 2004 to present. University of Detroit Mercy has more than 15 years of expertise behind each class that drives you as a professional to be the best in your field. You will receive an outstanding and well-rounded education that will not only teach you the foundations of the field but also will hone your ability to think critically and analytically, adapt to change and communicate effectively.

For students who are not majoring in this field, consider a Cybersecurity minor which will provide a foundation in database networking and cybersecurity principles. Visit the Cybersecurity minor catalog page for more information.

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    Degree Requirements - Bachelor of Science in Computer & Information Systems with a major in cybersecurity (120 credits)

    To obtain this undergraduate degree, the student must fulfill the requirements of the University Core Curriculum, the requirements for the program major and complete a minimum of 120 credit hours.

    Requirements for the Major (48 credits)

    Required Courses (42 credits):

    • CIS 1010 Foundations of Cybersecurity (3 credits)
    • CIS 2075 Enterprise Architecture (3 credits)
    • CIS 3350 Introduction to Human Factors in IT Security (3 credits)
    • CIS 4060 Software Requirements and Design (3 credits)
    • CIS 4070 Software Testing and Quality Assurance (3 credits)
    • CIS 4450 Introduction to Digital Forensics (3 credits)
    • CIS 4505 Software Project Management (3 credits)
    • CIS 4560 Database Design (3 credits)
    • CIS 4570 Networks (3 credits)
    • CIS 4650 Information and Society (3 credits)
    • CIS 4710 Ethical Hacking (3 credits)
    • CIS 4720 Introduction to Incident Response (3 credits)
    • CIS 4850 IA Risk Management (3 credits)
    • ENL 3030 Technical Writing (3 credits)

    Plus Two Electives (6 credits):

    • Any CIS classes not listed in the major and EXCLUDING  CIS 1000 Introduction to Computers (3 credits per class)
    • BUS 3170 Management of Information Systems (3 credits)
    • CSSE 1710 Introduction to Programming I (3 credits)
    • CSSE 2130 Java (3 credits)
    • CSSE 4440 Web Technology (3 credits)

Program Contact Information

Gregory Laidlaw, DMIT, CISSP
Lecturer and Chair

Department of Cybersecurity & Information Systems
Briggs Building, Room 213
McNichols Campus

Telephone: 313-993-3337
Fax: 313-993-1166