Health Insurance, Payments and Billing

Payments/Billing information for Health Clinic Services

  • All services are covered in full for students who have purchased student health insurance offered by University of Detroit Mercy.
  • Students who are not enrolled in student health insurance will be charged an established fee for each office visit, lab work, immunizations or medications needed at the time of visit.
  • Many, but not all, services at the health clinic are provided without additional cost to the student. Please contact the health clinic for a complete listing of billable services and associated fees.
  • Payment for billable services can be made with cash, check or posted to the student’s tuition account.
  • Charges posted to the student’s tuition account do not state the service or treatment provided, as that information is confidential and cannot be released without the patient’s written permission.
  • All Personal counseling services are at no cost to the student.

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    Health Insurance

    Detroit Mercy students have several options for coverage.

    Student Health Insurance

    For more information about the health insurance the University has available for students visit the Aetna web site.

    Private Health Insurance

    If your parent has insurance through an employer or the Health Insurance Marketplace, you can remain on their insurance until age 26. You may also be eligible for health insurance if you work full time. Check with your employer to find out what is available to you.

    The Wellness Center does not currently accept private insurance. All services at the Wellness Center are provided at affordable prices.