AIME and HEX Program

What is Academic Interest and Major Exploration (AIME) and Health Exploration (Health Ex)?

Detroit Mercy offers the Academic Interest and Major Exploration, or AIME program for any student who wishes to explore majors. Health Exploration is an extension of the AIME program, and is designed for students exploring any major that would prepare you for a career in any health profession. 

AIME/HEX's specialized advisors are familiar with the requirements for all degrees and programs offered at Detroit Mercy. You may have a specific major in mind or you may be exploring a number of options; in any case, your advisors will assist in keeping you on track toward your goals.

You also have the benefit of activities designed to support your success at Detroit Mercy. Some of these services, programs and events are outlined below:

  • Regular meetings with an advisor who is familiar with all the academic programs at the University.
  • Regular meetings with a professional mentor who will personally get to know you and your specific challenges and opportunities to achieve your goals.
  • Study time with FREE TUTORING in the Learning Center, part of the Student Success Center. Tutors are current students who have successfully completed the classes you will be taking. As your tutors, they provide homework help, clarify course material and provide study tips and advice.
  • Study groups in math and science are directed by a tutor who has completed the course and meets regularly with your instructor to gain insights about the course content and provide you with suggestions to be successful in the course.
  • UAS1045, Academic Empowerment, a "College 101" class that will help you navigate the challenges of the first year in college and provide the opportunity to explore different majors and careers. You will be part of "Learning to Learn," a nationwide freshman program designed to strengthen relationships and leadership skills along with study skills.
  • Informative and fun opportunities including, financial aid workshops, pizza study nights, and social events.