KCP Connections Program

What can Connections do for ME?

If you are committed to the goal of graduating from college and could benefit from improving your academic skills or professional, confidential academic support, the Connections Program can help you reach your goal.

This is a grant-funded program through the state of Michigan's King-Chavez-Parks (KCP) Initiative. The goal of SSC's Connections Program is to increase the number of Michigan students who successfully complete a college degree to become career-ready contributors to today's global community.

The Connections Program is designed to help students overcome obstacles to their success and develop positive habits for success at Detroit Mercy and beyond. Program highlights include the following:

  • College Life Coach – Students work with a College Life Coach who supports them through their educational experiences and assists them with challenges.
  • Time Management – Students learn to manage all of their obligations in a balanced way to meet their personal and academic goals.
  • Student Resources – staff help students utilize all the resources on campus that contribute to academic success and continued enrollment, like tutoring, personal counseling, financial aid, academic advisors, and many more.
  • Programming /  KCP Events - Fun and informative programs, campus engagement events and guest speakers to help students feel a sense of belonging within the University of Detroit Mercy community and beyond.

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    What does it take to become a successful college student?

    All college students want to pass their classes and achieve good grades. They know that good grades lead to a college diploma, and a college diploma leads to the start of a good career and a productive, happy life. All college students, however, are not totally prepared for the challenges they experience when they get to college. If this is you, you are not alone.

    Research tells us that certain things are true about success in college:

    1. The transition from high school to the freshman year of college is often much more difficult than students expect.
    2. The ability to successfully complete required math courses in the first two years increases the chance of graduating from college.
    3. Knowing not only what to study, but how to study in college, increases the chance of achieving higher grades and of graduating within four years.