People's names, titles, religious affiliations

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Identification; first and second reference

Use a person's full name (and title where applicable) on first reference, following rules below. On second and later references, use the person's last name only, except in the case of religious persons. For religious persons, always use "Fr." or "Sr." before the name on subsequent references.

Individual's titles

Capitalize a person's title if it precedes his/her name. If it follows, do not capitalize. Examples:

  • "Dean of the College of Engineering & Science Katy Snyder gave the presentation."
  • "Katy Snyder, dean of the College of Engineering & Science, gave the presentation."
  • "Associate Professor of History Gary Washington has written six books."
  • "Gary Washington, associate professor of History, has written six books."

Though the individual's title may not be capitalized, his or her department name should be capitalized, e.g. "John Doe, vice president of Information Technology." However, if the person's title contains a description of his/her role rather than a department name, do not capitalize. For example, "Jane Doe, communications manager..."

Ph.D. and other administrative or professional credentials

For University publications, do not use administrative or professional credentials like "John Doe, Ph.D." Only religious designations should follow an individual's name; see Religious titles/references below.

Before a name, do not use any honorifics such as "Mr." or "Miss." Instead, use the individual's academic title including the department name, e.g. "Professor of English John Doe."

Do not use "Dr." before a name. The exception for "Dr." is when requested only on "person pages," i.e. the individual biographical pages within

In some instances, it may be necessary to use "Ph.D." to establish the credentials of an on-campus presenter. This is allowed in internal promotional material only, including flyers and digital slides. Note the use of periods.

For title capitalization rules, see Individual's titles above. Also see Identification; first and second reference above.

Administrative or professional credentials may be used for formal or special purposes and for press releases.

Religious titles/references

Put periods between S.J., but not RSM. Sister or Father can be abbreviated to Sr. and Fr., unless they are being used in a salutation on a letter or other formal purposes like certificates or awards. When using an individual's name on first reference, use Mary Kelly, RSM or Gerald Cavanagh, S.J.

On second reference, use Sr. Mary or Fr. Cavanagh. It is unnecessary to duplicate the religious reference by using Fr. Gerald Cavanagh, S.J. or Rev. Gerald Cavanagh, S.J., except in a letter salutation or other formal document. A comma should follow the S.J. or RSM in a sentence. For example, "Mary Kelly, RSM, is a faculty member of the College of Health Professions."