Building, location and special room names

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Building, location and special room names

Capitalize "building" when it is used as part of the formal name, e.g. "Warren Loranger Architecture Building." Do not capitalize, if using a generic reference to the building name, e.g. "Architecture building." Do not capitalize "building" when it is used alone, even in direct reference to a University building.

Formal names of many of Detroit Mercy buildings:

McNichols Campus

When referencing the campus itself, use "the McNichols Campus."

Buysse Ballpark
Calihan Hall (Athletics)
Chemistry Building
Commerce & Finance Building (Business Administration), contains:
> Padilla Family Student Lounge and Study Area, or Padilla Lounge
> St. Ignatius Chapel
Engineering Building
Fisher Administration Center
Ford Life Sciences Building
Gardella Honors House
Health Professions Facility
Holden Hall
Jane & Walter O. Briggs Building (Liberal Arts & Education)
Lansing-Reilly Hall (Jesuit residence)
Lillie B. Kassab Mall (between Student Union and Holden Hall)
McNichols Campus Library, contains: 
> The Bookmark
> Bargman Room
Quad Commons - see note below
Reno Hall
Sacred Heart Square (between McNichols Campus Library and Briggs Bldg.)
Shiple Hall

Student Union, contains:
> Ballroom
> Fountain Lounge
> Presidents' Dining Room
> Fountain Terrace (the open-air space under the west extension of second floor)
> The Overhang (outside along the Fountain Lounge)
> The Amp (the south-side outdoor area with steps from ground level)

Student Fitness Center
Titan Athletics Field & Track
Warren Loranger Architecture Building, contains:
> Genevieve Fisk Loranger Architecture Center

Note: Quad Commons refers to the community building in the middle of the four Quadrangle Residence Halls. The four residence halls themselves are East Quad, North Quad, South Quad, and West Quad.

Corktown Campus

The School of Dentistry is located on the Corktown Campus.

Riverfront Campus

The School of Law is located on the Riverfront Campus.