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The Marketing & Communications Department (MarCom) oversees websites for the University, particularly the public websites in the udmercy.edu domain. With ITS, MarCom staff administer the Cascade CMS system for website content management.

What does MarCom Web do?

MarCom staff manage website design, functionality, and technical development.  We also work with University colleagues to create and maintain the content of their websites. MarCom oversees:

  • strategic website scope
  • website content quality
  • development of new websites, website sections, and webpages
  • consultation and training on best practices for the websites
  • training and access in the Cascade CMS system, which we use to maintain the websites
  • technical assistance for website content contributors
  • website design, usability, and accessibility
  • website code, functionality and other technical underpinnings
Website quality is critical for the University's goals, especially recruitment. No website can be all things to all people. So, it’s critical to be clear on the priorities of a website.

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    Website priorities

    For University of Detroit Mercy, the overriding purpose of our public websites is to support the revenue-bearing activities of the institution, namely:

    • recruitment and retention of students
    • advancement, i.e. fundraising

    Based on these core Web goals, the most important audiences for Detroit Mercy websites are:

    • prospective students (and their parents)
    • donors, especially alumni

    By necessity, website activities that further these goals will always be given priority.

Maintaining your website

Websites require the involvement of subject matter experts – i.e. content experts – to contribute and maintain accurate information for their key audiences. Such website content contributors can gain access to update webpages, and are expected to maintain their webpage information on an on-going basis. Contributors need to tend to several content concerns.

While content contributors maintain informational content, there are many web-specific concerns that also affect any webpage.  For issues like webpage design, site organization, technical issues, special functionality, etc. please contact MarCom to make sure your webpages meet numerous non-content requirements. Use our Web Request form to let us know what you need.

Contact us

The Marketing & Communications Department is happy to discuss Web-related issues, such as:

  • website maintenance questions
  • improving website content and effectiveness
  • adding files or pages to an existing website
  • building a new site or new functionality
  • choosing and integrating a third-party Web system

You can use our Web request form or contact MarCom by phone or email.

Web Oversight and Assistance

MarCom staff oversees website contributors and periodically audits all website pages to ensure adherence to web, brand, design, and content quality standards.

Always contact MarCom with website questions or to request a site quality review. Use our online Web Request Form. We often find issues on sites that you may be unaware of. It's better to be safe than sorry, and MarCom is always happy to help improve University websites.

When MarCom staff finds any issues on any University website, at our discretion, either:

  • we will ask website contributors to correct the issues, or
  • MarCom will correct the issues directly, according to our standards, with or without notice.

Access to the Cascade CMS website content management system is granted at MarCom's discretion. (See "Gaining Access" information.)  MarCom may suspend any Cascade user's access at any time for any reason. This may be necessary, for example, when a user fails to correct issues in a timely manner, or a user fails to follow guidelines for content, design, branding, usability or technical issues. Such suspensions will remain in effect until the user completes additional training at MarCom's direction, or until further notice.

Cascade users will receive notifications of system changes, training and other information related to your website contributor role. Usually, MarCom sends these notifications via email. It is imperative that you follow all directions and schedule training as prescribed.