Film & Video Guidelines for On-Campus Productions

Detroit Mercy is happy to consider requests to film on all campuses. Faculty, staff and students who have been approached about video and filming opportunities on a University campus are required to follow the guidelines below. In addition, University leadership may provide additional guidelines depending on the nature and purpose of the production.   

  1. Please Plan Ahead: Since there are several legal steps involved in filming and video efforts on campus with regard to external organizations/firms, it is best to plan at least 10 business days or more ahead of the crew arriving on any of Detroit Mercy's campuses. The first step is to discuss the project with the division leader (provost, vice president, etc.) prior to contacting MarCom. Secure the approval of your division for the project prior to moving forward. Once you have this approval, email the request information to MarCom at with a copy to
  2. Video Description: Video/film crews are required to submit a description of the shoot that includes a description of the audience and purpose of video shoot, people involved, number of crew members expected to be at the shoot, and assurance that all crew members will abide by Detroit Mercy COVID protocols. Also, production firms should describe how this video might positively or negatively impact Detroit Mercy in the eyes of the general public. This information must also be emailed to MarCom as in #1 above.
  3. Date, Time, Location: Production firms will need to provide and confirm the requested date of shoot, time and location on campus. Please pay special attention to the required 10-day lead time. Requests that do not provide 10 days of lead time will not be approved.
  4. Certificate of Insurance (COI): Detroit Mercy's Office of Legal Services requires that firms carry requisite liability insurance and provide a COI covering all aspects of the shoot on the campus. This COI must cover Detroit Mercy from any and all potential liability that arises from the video/filming that takes place on campus. The COI must be sent to for review by the University’s insurance company and legal counsel.
  5. Location Release: Production firms must complete a Location Release prior to arrival on campus. Once Detroit Mercy receives this release, it will be reviewed by the University’s chief legal counsel. If changes are necessary, Detroit Mercy will indicate the changes and request that the firm make them, then send back a final release.  
  6. Student Releases: If students will be in the video, the production firm would be required to secure media release forms from these students. MarCom has a digital release form they can sign.