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Employee Suggestions

Detroit Mercy Welcomes Your Suggestions!

In response to the Detroit Mercy Employee Satisfaction Survey and as a tool for continuous improvement, leadership looks forward to hearing from you.  Thank you for your interest in submitting your suggestions to Detroit Mercy Administration.

We have developed this site to allow employees to make recommendations to the administration for consideration and, when appropriate, act. The opportunity to submit suggestions by completing the form is open to current employees.

We intend this space to allow Detroit Mercy employees to share recommendations for improving services, processes, policies and anything affecting university life. This form is designed for employees to present an area of concern and offer suggestions for solutions or improvement.

We value all input and ask that content remain respectful, constructive and aligned with the Detroit Mercy mission. We will remove any content not in line with these principles.

You can submit your information anonymously or provide your name and email so that we may respond. Anonymous contributions are appreciated, but identifying yourself can help us seek clarification and follow up with you about your suggestion or idea.  If you have a private matter or a concern about a university employee, it is best to contact specific deans, vice presidents or department supervisors or contact the Human Resources Department at rather than use this form.

Please submit your suggestion via the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.