Surveillance Testing

Required Testing

As Titans Together, we can lessen exposure to and transmission of COVID-19 illness on campus through masking up and regular testing.    

Weekly surveillance testing is in progress and you may be asked to test and complete the following:  

  • Acknowledge receipt of the email  
  • Get tested for COVID-19. Acceptable tests: PCR and Antigen. 
  • Complete survey and upload test results by the time and date listed
  • Complete survey and upload results  

Who will be tested?

  • Non-compliant students and employees – have not submitted proof of vaccination or exemption
  • Non- compliant students and employees, students and employees with medical, religious, and philosophical exemptions
  • Exempt students and employees

Your contribution to combat COVID-19 is paramount to a thriving and healthy campus community, city and world.  Please direct any questions to

Where can I get tested?

If asymptomatic (no symptoms):  UPDATED COVID TESTING LOCATIONS - you may also call the Wellness Center at 313-993-1185 for an appointment.

If you are currently experiencing symptoms, please go to your local Urgent Care facility, Pharmacy, or medical provider.