Psychology, Industrial/Organizational (BA)


The Bachelor of Arts with a major in industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology serves as an excellent generalist foundation for beginning a career in the business world. The dual emphasis on business and psychology means that modern organizations can hire graduates who understand both human nature and the dynamics of organizational life.

Graduates can expect to work in jobs that involve performing tasks related to human resource assessment, selection and placement, performance appraisal, job analysis and re-design, leadership development, organizational effectiveness and other activities related to human resources. These skills position graduates for leadership opportunities throughout their careers. Thus, the I/O major prepares students to become lifelong learners and proactive career managers who can maneuver effectively in their chosen career trajectories.

Students will be prepared in the event they choose to earn an advanced degree, such as the Master of Business Administration or Master of Arts with a major in industrial/organizational psychology (both of which are available at Detroit Mercy). Other students may choose to use this degree as a preparation for graduate work in fields such as law and health care as well as psychology.

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    Degree/Major Requirements

    To obtain this undergraduate degree, the student must fulfill the requirements of the University Core Curriculum, the requirements for the program major and have completed a minimum of 126 credit hours.

    Requirements for the Major (42 credits)

    Foundation in Psychology Courses (30 credits):

    • PYC 1000 Introduction to Psychology (3 credits)
    • PYC 2010 Research Methods I (3 credits)
    • PYC 2020 Research Methods II (3 credits)
    • PYC 2600 Social Psychology (3 credits)
    • PYC 2620 Exploring Leadership: Yourself, Your Profession and Your Community (3 credits)
    • PYC 3700 Industrial and Organizational Psychology (3 credits)
    • STA 2250 Statistics (3 credits)
    • Choose One (3 credits):
      • PYC 4070 Biopsychology (3 credits)
      • PYC 4090 Perceptual and Cognitive Processes (3 credits)
      • PYC 4140 Learning and Memory (3 credits)
    • Psychology Electives: Choose Two (6 credits):
      • PYC 2500 Developmental Psychology (3 credits)
      • PYC 2560 Adult Development and Aging (3 credits)
      • PYC 2650 Psychology of Environment (3 credits)
      • PYC 2900 Current Topics in Psychology (3 credits)
      • PYC 3410 Psychology of Personality (3 credits)
      • PYC 3420 Abnormal Psychology (3 credits)
      • PYC 3430 Health Psychology (3 credits)
      • PYC 4200 Psychological Testing and Measurement (3 credits)

    Foundation in Business (12 credits):

    • BUS 1500 Introduction to Business (3 credits)
    • BUS 3110 Organizational Design and Structure (3 credits)

    Choose Two (6 credits):

    • BUS 2310 Business Law (3 credits)
    • BUS 3180 Behavior and Leadership in Organizations (3 credits)
    • BUS 3510 Human Resources Management (3 credits)

Program Contact Information

Program Director and Department Chair: Linda Slowik, Ph.D.
Reno Hall, Room 244
McNichols Campus

Telephone: 313-993-1623
Fax: 313-578-0507

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