Islamic Studies (Minor)


The Islamic Studies minor offers an approach to the focused study of Islam and Muslims that examines principal beliefs, core values, practices and cultural expressions. Courses provide introductory as well as critical, in-depth analyses of key themes employing the five Cs for foreign faith learning (communication, cultures, communities, comparisons and connections). It surveys insider as well as outsider views of Islam, creatively engages students in communications about cross-disciplinary topics, connects Islam with the sciences, identifies commonalities and distinct viewpoints, occasionally compares Islam with other monotheistic as well as monistic traditions and participates in diverse communities that are multi-ethnic, multi-vocal, multi-linguistic, and transnational. Courses will examine creative Islam, controversial Islam, classical Islam and contemporary Islam. The minor investigates the ultimate priorities, purposes and passions of a living faith and cultural tradition.

The minor is administered by the Department of Religious Studies.

The following are course requirements for completion of the 18-credit-hour Islamic Studies minor:

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    Program Requirements (18 credits)

    Required Courses (6 credits)

    Elective Courses (12 credits)

    Select four courses from the following list. At least three courses (9 credits) must be at the 3000 or 4000 level, and no more than 3 credits in Arabic may count towards the minor.

    • Any One Course: 
      • ARB 1100 Introduction to Arabic I (3 credits)
      • ARB 1110 Introduction to Arabic II (3 credits)
      • ARB 1120 Introduction to Arabic III (3 credits)
    • Any One Course: 
      • ARB 2100 Intermediate Arabic I (3 credits)
      • ARB 2110 Intermediate Arabic II (3 credits)
      • ARB 2120 Intermediate Arabic III (3 credits)
    • Any One Course:
      •  ARB 3100 Advanced Arabic I (3 credits)
      • ARB 3110 Advanced Arabic II (3 credits)
    • ARB 3150 Advanced Business (3 credits) OR ISLM 3150 Advanced Business (3 credits)
    • ARB 3990 Advanced Arabic Culture (3 credits) OR ISLM 3990 Arabic Culture (3 credits)
    • HIS 2400 Modern Middle East (3 credits)
    • ISLM 3100 Creative Islam (3 credits)
    • ISLM 3200 Controversial Islam (3 credits)
    • ISLM 4100 Classical Islam (3 credits)
    • ISLM 4200 Contemporary Islam (3 credits)
    • ISLM 4800 Topics in Islamic Studies (3 credits)
    • ISLM 4950 Directed Study (maximum of 3 credits) (3 credits)
    • ISLM 4980 Internship (3 credits)
    • PHL 3070 Medieval Philosophy (3 credits)

Program Contact Information

Department Chair: James B. Tubbs, Ph.D.

Briggs Building, Room 339
McNichols Campus

Telephone: 313-578-0355
Fax: 313-993-1166

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