Foreign Language Studies (Certificate)


Language and Cultural Training Department

Instruction is offered at the undergraduate level in most major world languages (see language course offerings), English as a Second Language, as well as cultural training. Academic credit is awarded upon completion of specified instructional contact hours. Courses at corporate locations can be customized for specific purposes, offered at a work-friendly schedule, and can be available in one-on-one or group contexts.

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    Language Course Offerings

    Arabic, Aramaic, Chinese (Mandarin), Croatian, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

    • 1100 Introductory I (3 credits)
    • 1110 Introductory II (3 credits)
    • 1120 Introductory III (3 credits)
    • 1150 Introductory Business (3 credits)
    • 2100 Intermediate I (3 credits)
    • 2110 Intermediate II (3 credits)
    • 2120 Intermediate III (3 credits)
    • 2150 Intermediate Business (3 credits)
    • 3100 Advanced I (3 credits)
    • 3110 Advanced II (3 credits)
    • 3120 Advanced III (3 credits)
    • 3150 Advanced Business (3 credits)

    Certificate in Language Studies

    University of Detroit Mercy offers a Certificate in Language Studies through the College of Liberal Arts & Education's Language and Cultural Training Department. Based on their entry level, students will be awarded a Certificate in Language Studies I (Introductory/Intermediate) or a Certificate in Language Studies II (Intermediate/Advanced) when they complete 12 credit hours of required language study with a grade of C or better. The certificate may be earned by students enrolling in group or one-on-one mode.


    Summer Advanced Language Courses for Educators in (see language listing)

    These directed-study courses are designed to provide educators in metropolitan Detroit the opportunity to participate in advanced language courses during their summer recess. These classes can be offered for one or three credit hours at the undergraduate level and can be used toward state instructional recertification.

    • 3950 Advanced Conversation (1 or 3 credits)
    • 3980 Advanced Reading/Writing (1 or 3 credits)
    • 3990 Advanced Culture (1 or 3 credits)

Program Contact Information

Program Director: Lara Wasner, M.A., MATESOL
Reno Hall, Room 40
McNichols Campus

Telephone: 313-993-1191

Program Website