The Hive

The Hive Banner image with students in front of the pantry

The Hive is a student-led institutional organization dedicated to improving the lives of all Detroit Mercy students. We currently manage a student food pantry in Room 41 of Reno Hall on the McNichols Campus.

A network of sustainability for students

Our mission is to support students on their journey to graduation by living everyday through the University’s Mission and Vision. The Hive strives to increase student success by actively finding ways to assist students throughout their collegiate experience. Our goals are to:

  • provide students with any needed resources
  • foster student leadership and unity and
  • increase student diversity and retention.

As of 2019, we provide more than 100 Detroit Mercy students with sustainable food products once a month.

Support The Hive

Your donations will help us provide free food to students experiencing food insecurity on and off campus. Thank you for your support!

The Hive Operations Coordinator stacks shelves with canned goods.
Static image of one of the food pantry shelves operated by The Hive.
An anonymous Detroit Mercy student selects canned goods from the shelf.