Social well-being

group of adults and students standing the fence at the softball field

Social well-being can be described as your relationships, support you give and receive, and how you connect with those who impact you, including friends, family and colleagues.

Making new connections and strengthening your current relationships are vital to maintaining your overall well-being. Engaging with others in meaningful ways fosters personal growth and contributes to a healthier and more inclusive society.

When we embrace socialization and actively seek out those with backgrounds, cultures and perspectives different than our own, we open ourselves up to a more robust experience. The reality is that as adults, it can be difficult to start to new friendships. Whether you are an incoming student or a long-time employee, the article and podcast "Why is it so hard for adults to make friends?" is highly recommended.

After all, sometimes the hardest step is getting started, but finding an event or activity through Detroit Mercy is easy. For your health, try to attend an event or talk with a new friend this week!

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