Riverfront Campus Snapshot

On 3.8 acres of land, School of Law has three buildings.

Dowling Hall

Dowling Hall Date Built: 1890

Named After: Rev. Michael P. Dowling, 4th President of Detroit College
Total Square Feet: 118,000

Purpose: Home of the School of Law

Newest Renovation(s): Cafeteria upgrades (2010); Atrium renovations (2010); Foundation repairs (2009); Floor replacement in Rooms 235 and 333 (2007); Sidewalk replacement (2006); New pump controller (2006); New parking booth (2006); Moot court classroom (2003)

Law Library

Law Library

Date Built: 1973

Total Square Feet: 5,463

Purpose: Home of School of Law literature and studying

Newest Renovation(s): Carpet replacement (2007); Cooling tower replacement (2007)