Addiction Studies (Graduate Certificate)


State Certification

The Post-Graduate Certificate in Addiction Studies fulfills the academic and internship requirements for the Certified Advanced Addictions Counselor (CAAC) credential authorized by the State of Michigan. The CAAC is compulsory for professionals who specialize in the clinical treatment of substance use.

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    Admission Requirements

    1. Admission to graduate studies at University of Detroit Mercy.

    2. Admission to the certificate program. Applicants submit to College of Liberal Arts & Education Graduate Admissions Counselor, Admissions Office, University of Detroit Mercy, the following documents:

    • A program application accompanied by a statement of personal career goals.
    • One letter of recommendation attesting to the applicant's qualifications.
    • A personal interview with the program director or designated faculty member.


    The curriculum has three components:

    1. A core of three required courses, totaling nine credit hours.

    • ADS 5090 Drugs and Behavior (3 credits)
    • ADS 5110 Theories of Addiction (3 credits)
    • ADS 5120 Recovery Processes (3 credits)

    2. An elective component of two courses totaling six hours carefully chosen to meet the student’s professional needs from among the following courses:

    • ADS 5170 Substance Use Disorders in Youth (3 credits)
    • ADS 5210 Process Disorders: Gambling and Sexual Addiction (3 credits)
    • ADS 5360 Family Theory and Therapy (3 credits)
    • ADS 5600 Spirituality and Recovery (3 credits)
    • ADS 5950 Multicultural Competence in Treating Substance-Related-Disorders (3 credits)

    3. An applied component of 3 credit hours to be completed as a field placement of 300 hours or as a culminating seminar.

    • ADS 5880 Internship in Addiction Studies (3 credits) OR ADS 5710 Culminating Seminar in Addiction Studies (3 credits)

    Total Semester Hours Required: 18


    Gainful Employment Disclosure Statement

    Click here for a PDF of the Gainful Employment Disclosure Statement for this program.

Program Contact Information

Program Director: Daniel Duryea, Ph.D., LPC, CADC
Reno Hall, Room 242
McNichols Campus

Telephone: 313-578-0413
Fax: 313-578-0507

Program Website

Department Chair: Nancy G. Calleja, Ph.D., LPC