Post-Graduate School Counselor Endorsement—Non-Degree Program—30 Credits


Post-Graduate School Counselor Endorsement Program

The Post-Graduate School Counselor Endorsement program is one of University of Detroit Mercy’s niche programs—the only of its kind in the state of Michigan. The Post-Graduate School Counselor Endorsement program is designed specifically for individuals who possess a master's degree and a teaching certificate who wish to become school counselors. A 600-hour internship is required for the program.

Individuals completing this program are eligible for the School Counselor Endorsement to the teaching certificate through the Michigan Department of Education. The 30-credit-hour program generally requires one to two years to complete. Additional coursework may be required.

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    (Must have an MA/MS in related field and a valid Michigan teaching certificate)

    • CNS 5120 Introduction to Counseling Theory and Process (3 credits)
    • CNS 5350 Guidance Principles and Practices (3 credits)
    • CNS 5380 Career Counseling (3 credits)
    • CNS 5390 Counseling Skills (3 credits)
    • CNS 5400 Testing and Evaluation (3 credits)
    • CNS 5410 School Counseling: Principles and Practices (3 credits)
    • CNS 5430 Group Counseling (3 credits)
    • CNS 5450 School Counseling: Strategies and Interventions (3 credits)
    • CNS 5850 Counseling Practicum (3 credits)
      • Note: (Prerequisites: Completion of all coursework except CNS 6040 and approval of advisor) 
    • CNS 6040 Internship in Counseling (3 credits)
      • Note:(Prerequisites: Completion of all other coursework and approval of advisor) 600 hours as K-12 school counselor 

    Total: 30

Program Contact Information

Program Director: Jocelyn Bennett-Garraway, Ph.D., LPC
Reno Hall, Room 246
McNichols Campus

Telephone: 313-993-1227
Fax: 313-578-0507

Program Website

Department Chair: Nancy G. Calleja, Ph.D., LPC