At University of Detroit Mercy, you'll enjoy the right balance of challenge, support and hands-on experience to meet your educational goals. A Detroit Mercy education is built on a legacy of excellence and a value that is unbeatable. We offer more than 100 undergraduate and graduate programs delivered in small classes taught by distinguished faculty.

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Accounting (BSBA)
Accounting (BSBA/MBA)
Actuarial Science (Minor)
Addiction Counseling (MA)
Addiction Studies (BS)
Addiction Studies (Certificate)
Addiction Studies (Minor)
Addiction Studies (Graduate Certificate)
Advanced Electric Vehicles (Graduate Certificate)
Applied Data Analytics (MS)
Applied Data Analytics (Graduate Certificate)
Applied Data Science (Graduate Certificate)
Applied Mathematics (Minor)
Architectural Engineering (BAE)
Architectural Engineering / Civil Engineering (BAE/MCE)
Architecture (BS Arch)
Architecture (BS Arch / M. Arch)
Architecture (M. Arch.)
Biochemistry (BS)
Bioinformatics (Minor)
Biology (BS)
Biology and Doctor of Dental Surgery (BS / DDS)
Biology and Physician Assistant (BS/MS)
Biomedical Design (Minor)
Business (Minor)
Business Administration (BSBA)
Business Administration (BSBA/MBA)
Business Administration (MBA)
Catholic Studies (Certificate)
Chemistry (BA)
Chemistry (BS)
Chemistry and Doctor of Dental Surgery (BA / DDS)
Civil and Environmental Engineering (BCE/MEN)
Civil and Environmental Engineering (PhD)
Civil Engineering (BCE)
Civil Engineering (BCE/MCE)
Civil Engineering (MCE)
Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MA)
Communication Studies (BA)
Communication Studies (Minor)
Community Development (MCD)
Computer Science (BS)
Computer Science (Minor)
Creative Writing (Minor)
Cybercrime (MS)
Cybersecurity (BS Cybersecurity)
Cybersecurity (Minor)
Cybersecurity / Cybersecurity Management (BS/MS)
Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS)
Economics (BA)
Economics (Minor)
Economics (BA/MAE)
Economics (MAE)
Electrical and Computer Engineering (MECE)
Electrical Engineering (BEE)
Electrical Engineering (PhD)
Electrical Engineering / Electrical and Computer Engineering (BEE/MECE)
Endodontics (MS)
Endodontics (Graduate Certificate)
English (BA)
Environmental Engineering (MEN)
Ethical Leadership (MS)
Financial Economics (BA)
Financial Economics (Minor)
Financial Economics (BA/MA)
Financial Economics (MA)
Health Operations Management (BS)
Health Services Administration (MHSA)
Information Technology (MS in Information Technology)
Intelligence Analysis (MS Intel. Analysis)
Journalism (Minor)
Language Studies (Certificate)
Nurse Anesthesia (DNP)
Nursing (BSN)
Nursing and Healthcare Leadership (Post-BSN to DNP)
Nursing - Second Degree Option (BSN)
Orthodontics (MS)
Orthodontics (Graduate Certificate)
Periodontology (MS)
Periodontology (Graduate Certificate)
Philosophy (BA)
Philosophy (Minor)
Physician Assistant (BS/MS)
Physician Assistant (MS)
Pre-Dentistry (Programs)
Pre-Health (Program Tracks)
Pre-Medical (Program Tracks)
Pre-Pharmacy (BS/PharmD)
Product Development (MPD)
Professional Writing (Minor)
Psychology: Clinical (MA)
Psychology: Clinical (PhD)
Religious Studies (BA)
Religious Studies (Minor)
Religious Studies (MA)
School Counseling (MA)
School Counselor Endorsement (non-degree program)
School Counselor License (non-degree program)
School Psychology (Specialist Degree)
Smart and Autonomous Vehicles (Graduate Certificate)
Software Engineering (MSSE)
Systems Engineering (Graduate Certificate)
Technical Management (MS)
Theatre (BA)
Theatre (Minor)
Vehicle Cyber Engineering (MS)
Vehicle Cyber Engineering (Graduate Certificate)

Core Curriculum

As the shared academic experience of all Detroit Mercy undergraduates, the Core Curriculum is the educational foundation that integrates the intellectual, spiritual, moral and social development of all students, and ensures that each graduate will understand, pursue, and live out our mission.