Stephanie Conant

Stephanie Conant

Professor and Chair

Stephanie Conant
Contact Info:
Campus: McNichols Campus
Building: Life Sciences
Room: 101
Phone: 313-993-1181
Stephanie Conant
Anatomy and Physiology
Introductory Biology
Biology and Social Issues


  • Ph.D. Wayne State University
  • B.S. Central Michigan University


Associate Professor and Chair, Conant earned a B.S. in Biology from Central Michigan University and a Ph.D. in Immunology from Wayne State University School of Medicine. She joined the Detroit Mercy Biology department in 2008.

Conant's research centers on understanding the role of cell cycle proteins in tumor development. Her lab studies the role of Cables1, a protein regulating cell cycle progression, which has been implicated as playing part in tumor development in many cases of ovarian, lung, and colon cancer. Mammalian epithelial cells are cultured and siRNA technology is used to disrupt normal protein presence and function to delineate the interactions and activity of the Cables1 protein in possible tumor formation.

Conant leads the HHMI SeaPhage freshman research experience course that provides an authentic research and data collecting laboratory opportunity for Introductory Biology students. Additionally, she teaches Introductory Biology, Immunology, Nutrition, Anatomy and Physiology and Biology and Social Issues to our biology majors and nursing students.