Audio Visual

Location: Main Office is located in Briggs 14 (and a satellite office in Engineering 236)
Phone: (313) 993-1800
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM & Saturday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

The Audio-Visual and Classroom Support (AVCS) department provides presentation related technologies to support the academic teaching environment of the University. The ITS department continues to expand the built-in capabilities of all teaching locations and, for the locations that do not yet have built-in capabilities, offers mobile delivery and pick-up service.

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    Reserve Equipment

    The department provides for faculty teaching Detroit Mercy courses notebooks, data projectors, DVD players, VCRs and various other items. AVCS does not provide slide or film projectors.

    The AVCS office requires 48 hours notice when requesting equipment. While the office will try to accommodate last minute requests, AVCS does not guarantee that equipment will be available in these instances.

    All scheduled deliveries stop after dead week. If Audio Visual support is needed during Exam Week, please fill out a request form or contact the Audio Visual office.

    Reservation of equipment policy

    Reservation Form

    Briggs Office: Delivers to Briggs, CHP, C&F, Library, and Loranger.
    Engineering Office: Delivers to Engineering, Life Science, Reno, Chemistry, and all Student Union rooms.


    Procedure and Terms for Software Sign-Out

    The AVCS department coordinates software sign-outs for various applications available to specific classes.


    Students who have been instructed to sign-out software from the ITS department are to stop by the Audio-Visual and Classroom Support department to complete the necessary paperwork and agreement forms.

    Only five copies of each product are available for sign-out and each must be returned within 7 days. Failure to return the product within 7 days may result in a financial hold on the student's account and a bill for the replacement cost.

    Students are encouraged to return the product as quickly as possible as a courtesy to fellow classmates requiring the product.

    By signing the paperwork, the student agrees to the software manufacturer's terms that the product will not be used for a commercial benefit and will not be distributed to anyone else (even others in the student's class). Every student installing the software must complete the paperwork for the manufacturer.

    Students should be aware that Detroit Mercy is obligated to turn over the signed forms to the software manufacturer.

    All students requesting software must be listed on the class roster provided by the instructor. For students that add the class after the roster has been submitted to the ITS department, please encourage the instructor to submit an updated list.


    For instructors teaching courses where a distribution agreement has been made available through the software manufacturer, a class list must be provided to the Audio-Visual and Classroom Support department prior to students signing out the product. The software may be signed out for up to 7 days. Failure of students to return products by the due date will result in financial charges and holds to their account.

    Faculty-Only Software

    There are several packages available only to current instructors through the Audio-Visual and Classroom Support department. The same terms for sign-out to students apply to instructors in that products must be returned within 7 days, products must not be shared and failure to return the product will result in billing of replacement costs (to the department).

    Faculty members are also required to complete paperwork as well which is filed with the software manufacturer.