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    Computer and Internet Access for Alumni and Visitors

    The Detroit Mercy Library has public computer workstations that are open to the general public. Listed below are links to the library's hours of operation and the policy governing computer use.  

    Alumni must present a valid University Alumni ID (which may be obtained from the Alumni Relations Office on the fourth floor of the Fisher Administration Building).

    Computer and Internet Access located in the Libraries/Instructional Design Studio

    Computer and Internet Use Policy for the general public

    Wireless Access


    My Portal / Email Access for Alumni

    General Information

    The University has permitted alumni to continue to use their My Portal and Office 365 email accounts beyond their last date of attendance as a convenient means of communication to the University, to assist in obtaining employment opportunities, and to maintain those important University relationships with fellow Titans and faculty. Alumni must honor the current policies and procedures as they relate to email use when using their account.

    The continued use of the My Portal and Office 365 email beyond the last date of attendance is a privilege that may be revoked at any time without cause.  Please refer to the Account Privilege Policy for more information.  

    Alumni who preceded My Portal may request access by contacting the alumni relations office. Verification of legitimacy will be conducted before access is provided. The process may require up to 14 days to complete.

    Alumni who become employees of the University fall under the policies and procedures for employees.

    Office 365 Alumni Account Conversion

    When a student graduates and is no longer enrolled at Detroit Mercy, the alumni's Office 365 student account will be converted to an alumni account.  Per the Detroit Mercy License Agreement with Microsoft, alumni are able to retain their email accounts, but will lose access to the Office Suite and Office Web Apps at the time of conversion.  Alumni may choose to purchase their own office software suite, use free Office Online applications, or download a free open-source office software suite.  Alumni will no longer have access to files stored on OneDrive.  Files stored on OneDrive should be copied to a personal device prior to the conversion.  

    Alumni should watch for an email communication from the ITS department informing them that their email account will be converted to an alumni account.  The conversion will occur annually on October 1.

    When logging in for the first time after being converted to an alumni account, alumni will be required to change their password and set up an authentication phone, authentication email, or security questions.

    Alumni will continue to have access to the following applications through Office 365:

    • Mail
    • Calendar
    • People
    • Tasks

    Maintaining an Active Status

    Email accounts are subject to deletion after 365 days of inactivity.  If using email forwarding, please be sure to login to your account every 365 days to maintain an active status.