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Carrousel Travel

9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. EST


Agent Contact Information

Main Phone: 888-992-1026
24hr Help Line: 800-666-8731
Kim Bedford: 612-798-1427 /
Julie Carr: 612-798-1404 /

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    Meet your travel team

    Meet your dedicated travel team. Kim and Julie are highly experienced travel advisors who recently joined Carrousel Travel as Detroit Mercy’s preferred travel supplier. Please reach out to either Kim or Julie for any of your travel needs. They can both service any Detroit Mercy department.


    Kim headshotKim Bedford studied at The University of Michigan and began her career in travel in 1980. She has extensive experience in both leisure and corporate travel arrangements.
    Direct: 612-798-1427
    Office: 888-992-1026


    julie headshotJulie Carr graduated from the American Travel School in 1981 and immediately entered the travel industry. Currently, Julie commits her skills and experience exclusively to select corporate clients.
    Direct: 612-798-1404
    Office: 888-992-1026

Fees for Bookings/Reservations:

Airline/Car/Hotel: $25
Car/Hotel Only (NOT PREPAID): $10
Hotel PREPAID: Additional $20

Misc Services:

There are NO fees for the following services:

  • Monitoring the utilization of unused tickets with monetary value
  • Refunding tickets
  • Maintaining and updating client profiles
  • Reports

How to Book Air/Hotel Travel using Carrousel Travel:

  1. Contact Kim Bedford/Julie Carr via email or phone to obtain pricing for your desired trip. Note: Pricing is typically good for 24 hours.
  2. Fill out Detroit Mercy's Travel Request Form (under travel section) with the pricing given to you and have all necessary authorized signatures and FOAP information.
  3. Send completed Travel Request Form to Marisa Williams, Accounts Payable Manager at A Travel Request Number (TR) will be provided and sent back to you directly(typically within 24 hours of receipt).
  4. Send the new provided Travel Request Number (TR) to Kim Bedford/Julie Carr to complete your reservations. You should be sent itinerary and necessary information/tickets to complete you travels.
  5. Any questions regarding this process, please reach out to Marisa Williams, Accounts Payable Manager, at 313-993-1212.

Rental Cars

University of Detroit Mercy has an ongoing agreement with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. You can access the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Program website.

  • If you wish to phone in your request, call 248-426-1432.
  • The requesting department's account number is needed to rent a car.
  • No additional insurance coverage is necessary if renting the car in the name of University of Detroit Mercy. However, prior to travel, it is required to have UDM proof of insurance.
  • Questions regarding this program, please call Marisa Williams, Accounts Payable Manager at 313-993-1212 or

Frequently Asked Travel Questions

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    How come the cost of my airline ticket can change after I have already made a reservation?

    Answer: The airlines change their inventory and pricing on a continuous basis in order to maximize their on each flight. As a result, the airlines will not guarantee a price until that ticket is actually issued. A reservation can be held in order to ensure that you will get a seat on that flight, but you cannot hold the price unless the ticket has been issued.

    Helpful Hint: If you are confident that your travel plans will not be changing, ask Carrousel Travel to issue your ticket right away in order to guarantee the fare.


    What methods can I use to make a travel reservation? Are there any instances when I should not use a particular method?

    Answer: It is highly encouraged that you book your airline/hotel travel arrangement through Carrousel Travel.  Their agents are trained to assist you with budget and schedules in mind.  Directions are listed under How to Book Air/Hotel Travel using Carrousel Travel in this section.  However, currently we do also allow employee reimbursements for airline/hotel travel not arranged through Carrousel Travel if you wish to do so on your own.


    Should I advise the Carrousel Travel agent if I will be going back to the same location on a frequent basis?

    Answer: Depending on your personal preference, you may either call or email Kim Bedford or Julie Carr to advice.


    Should I advise the Carrousel Agent if I am going to be traveling to a conference, convention or seminar of any sort?

    Answer: Yes! The agent will advise you on the most cost-effective method to accomplish this and the applicable restrictions/regulations.

    Helpful Hit: Plan in advance! Carrousel Travel can save Detroit Mercy extra fees in airline/hotel expenses if they are notified in advance!


    Should I advise Carrousel Travel if I am staying at a hotel where there is a special rate?

    Answer: Yes. Often times discounted airfares, hotel rates, etc. have been negotiated for all attendees of a particular conference, convention or seminar.  Carrousel Travel can book these discounts provided they are given the proper information.

    Helpful Hint: Provide Carrousel Travel with as many details as possible about this meeting including: dates, location, name of the conference and any applicable discounted reference numbers if they are included on the literature that you receive.


    What should I do in the case of an emergency or if I need to change my travel plans while en route after Carrousel Travel’s regular business hours?

    Answer: Call Carrousel Travel as soon as possible. If after business hours, call the 24 hour help line at 800-666-8731.  In most cases, Carrousel Travel can call the hotel directly to make/change your reservation or change your airline ticket.  Please note that making such changes typically require additional fees related to changing a reservation if within 24 hours before travel.


    If my travel plans change or have been canceled after I have purchased a non-refundable ticket, what should I do?

    Answer: Call Carrousel Travel as soon as possible to see what your options are. In most cases, a non-refundable ticket can be reused in exchange for a new ticket for one year so long as the ticket is for the same traveler and airline.  Keep in mind when making your airline/hotel reservation the possibility of event cancelation.  Typically non-refundable tickets are the cheapest, but if such situation arises, there might not be much you can do.


    How come I cannot always get the seat assignment that I want?

    Answer: Most major airlines hold back a percentage of seats on each flight for assignment at the gate on the day of departure.  The exact amount can vary. If you are not confirmed in the seat of your choice, check with the gate agent at the airport on your day of departure for open seats.  Due to the airlines policy of holding back seats, preferred seats are often available at this time.


    How can I avoid no show charges at hotels when my plans?

    Answer:  That is dependent on the hotel’s cancelation policy.  In some cases it is unavoidable so keep in mind when making a reservation.