Economics Minor

Economics Minor


University of Detroit Mercy's 18-credit minor in Economics provides a foundation for understanding various economic principles, topics, history and an overview of the role economics plays in society.

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    Requirements for the Minor

    The Economics Minor requires 18 credits, including:

    Required Economics Courses (15 credits):

    • ECN 2950 Microeconomic Principles (3 credits)
    • ECN 2960 Macroeconomic Principles (3 credits)
    • ECN 3150 Intermediate Microeconomics (3 credits)
    • ECN 3160 Intermediate Macroeconomics (3 credits)
    • ECN 4355 Comparative Economic Systems (3 credits)

    Possible Electives—choose one from the following (3 credits):

    • ECN 4305 History of Economic Thought (3 credits)
    • ECN 4400 Economics of The Public Sector (3 credits)
    • ECN 4480 Business Forecasting (3 credits)
    • ECN 4650 Economics of International Trade (3 credits)
    • ECN 4705 Economic Development (3 credits)
    • ECN 4990 Senior Seminar (3 credits)

    Note: In addition to the University limitation that a student cannot major and minor in the same program, the department further limits department majors and minors in crossing over between Economics and Financial Economics.

Program Contact Information

Ablaye Camara, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Economics
Briggs Building, Room 325
McNichols Campus

Telephone: 313-993-1098
Fax: 313-993-1166

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