Theatre Minor

Theatre Minor


The 20-credit Theatre minor is designed to complement the experience of non-Theatre major students whose career goals include public appearances, presentations or performance in fields such as business, health administration, pre-law and social work.

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    Program Requirements (20 credits)

    Theatre Minor (20 credits)

    Students minoring in Theatre are required to:

    • prepare and participate fully in all coursework;
    • audition for at least one production per year; and
    • work on at least one production crew per year.

    These courses are required for all Theatre minors:

    Fundamental Courses (8 credits):

    • TRE 1310 Introduction to the Theatre (3 credits)
    • TRE 1320 Rehearsal and Production I (1 credit)
    • TRE 2550 Scene Study and Analysis (3 credits)
    • TRE 3740 Rehearsal & Production II (1 credit)

    Acting Courses (6 credits):

    Design and Management Courses - choose one (3 credits):

    • TRE 2650 Management Techniques (3 credits)
    • TRE 3060 Principles of Arts Management (3 credits)
    • TRE 3100 Theatrical Design (3 credits)

    History or Directing Courses - choose one (3 credits):

    • TRE 3650 Fundamentals of Directing (3 credits)
    • TRE 4311 Survey of Theatre History (3 credits)

Program Contact Information

Andrew Papa
Assistant Professor of Theatre
Briggs Building, Room 017
McNichols Campus

Telephone: 313-993-3220
Fax: 313-993-1166

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