Entrepreneurship Minor


The Entrepreneurship minor is an 18 credit program of study that is open to undergraduate students of any discipline.  Students completing the minor will be exposed to techniques of innovation and creativity, product development, venture creation and business plan development. The theme of social entrepreneurship will be interwoven throughout this minor and will be emphasized by the types of project work that will be undertaken.

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    Requirements of the Entrepreneurship Minor

    To support both traditional business students desiring a focus in entrepreneurship and technical students interested in developing the mindset and competencies needed for technical venture creation, the Entrepreneurship Minor offers two possible tracks: Business Entrepreneurship or Technical Entrepreneurship. These two tracks share a common core of four courses with each track requiring an additional two courses. The courses comprising the core and the two tracks are listed below.

    Entrepreneurship Minor Core Courses (four required)

    • ENT 3000 Interdisciplinary Design, Entrepreneurship and Service (IDEAS) (3 credits)
    • ENT 4700 Front and Back Ends of Innovation (3 credits)
    • ENT 4800 Venture Creation and Business Plan Development (3 credits)
    • ENT Entrepreneurship Elective (discuss with advisor) (3 credits)

    Technical Entrepreneurship Track Courses (all required if pursuing this track, ENT 4200 only required for non-technical majors)

    • ENT 4500 Innovation and Creativity (3 credits)
    • ENT 4930 Product Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
    • ENT 4200 Technology for non-engineers (3 credits)

    Business Entrepreneurship Track Courses (both required if pursuing this track)

    • BUS 3870 Internet Marketing (3 credits)
    • BUS 4830 New Product Management (3 credits)

    Intellectual Merit of the Entrepreneurship Minor

    The Business Entrepreneurship Track provides an option for interdisciplinary learning for non-technical students. Growth of new jobs and the future of the economy seem inextricably tied to new venture creation. This minor provides the fundamental skill set to be a creative and socially responsible entrepreneur.

    The Technical Entrepreneurship Track provides technical students the option to develop knowledge of business fundamentals needed to develop a technical product and take it to market. Many believe that the greatest stimulant to economic growth is technological innovation. Traditional technical degree programs are generally lacking in developing the business savvy a technical person may need to succeed in the new economy.

Program Contact Information

Chairperson: Nassif Rayess
Engineering 214
Telephone: (313) 993-1402
Fax: (313) 993-1187
Email: rayesna@udmercy.edu