Titan Success Network

TSN logoThe Titan Success Network (TSN) is a campus-wide initiative designed to improve student success and retention at Detroit Mercy. TSN refers to two things:

1. The interconnecting academic and support services on campus that work together for student success.

2. The online platform, coming soon, that identifies at-risk students and allows instructors, academic advisors and other support personnel to coordinate communication and effective interventions for those students.

The guiding principle behind the Titan Success Network is expressed in the key element of our mission at Detroit Mercy, which is to integrate the intellectual, spiritual, ethical and social development of all of our students. Research on retention demonstrates that all students, and in particular at-risk students, benefit from comprehensive support that addresses the whole student, not merely academic planning.

 The Titan Success Network embodies Detroit Mercy's commitment to provide excellent student-centered education by creating a network of faculty, staff, and administrators who can work together to support all aspects of our students’ development.  As an early-warning system, TSN helps identify why a student may be at-risk for attrition and in what areas they need support (academic, financial, psycho-social, behavioral, etc.). 

The Titan Success Network links students with the individualized resources they need, when they need them. The Network strives to connect students with departments and services, empowering them to succeed academically and socially at University of Detroit Mercy.

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    Contact Information

    Felicia Hartinger, M.A.
    Director, Student Success Center
    Location: Library Room 319
    Email: mitrovfl@udmercy.edu
    Phone: (313) 993-1265


    Why do we need the TSN?

    As indicated by input from students, interactions with faculty and advisors are a key component of students’ academic success and their feeling of connectedness to the University. The Titan Success Network can enhance these relationships by connecting students with the support they need and allowing faculty, advisors and other stakeholders on campus to follow up on and coordinate their support.