Detroit Mercy students and community work together to enhance community

August 23, 2021
A pair of Detroit Mercy students shovel mulch during the annual service work portion of PTV.

Incoming freshmen at University of Detroit Mercy opened their college careers by performing service work in the Fitzgerald Neighborhood in northwest Detroit on Aug. 25-26 from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Groups of students and Detroit Mercy, faculty, staff and alumni worked in partnership to clean up the neighborhood and assist with special projects.

The annual tradition is part of Prologues, Transitions and Viewpoints (PTV), Detroit Mercy’s freshman orientation program. This program introduces new students to service learning while reinforcing the mission of the University.

Projects included installing a garden at Bagley Elementary School to serve as a hands-on educational tool and community resource, and a parent/community volunteer day with Palmer Park Preparatory Academy.

A pair of students move limbs and brush away on a wheelbarrow near Detroit Mercy's McNichols Campus.
A student clears weeds from a garden during PTV.
A pair of students hold pieces of wood while working with a community member, who is working on a larger piece of wood, during PTV.
A group of students shovel dirt during PTV.
A student carries away brush during PTV.
A group of students empty mulch from a wheelbarrow during PTV.
A student carries away brush while a group of students are seen gathering around him.
Two students work on clearing weeds and growth from a garden during PTV.