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The Help Desk is the primary point of contact for all computer, telephone, and cable TV related issues.

The ITS department will never ask for your password.  Please do not provide it.

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Monday-Friday: 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Outages and Known System Issues

For outages and other known system issues, the Help Desk maintains a full-disclosure blog where users can see an interruption in service is known and the latest status for repair.

Help Desk Services

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    Acquisition and Implementation of New Systems or Solutions

    Please use the ITS Project Intake Form to provide a starting point for discussion with the ITS department on project related work. Project related work includes acquisition and implementation of new systems or solutions. Lesser requests are to be submitted in the Helpdesk system.

    Hardware Installation

    Typically, new hardware products will be delivered to the ITS department and the Help Desk will schedule barcoding and installation with the recipient.

    If a product is received by the department, the department is to contact the Help Desk and schedule barcoding and installation.

    Personally owned or donated products must be approved by the Associate Vice President of Information Technology before installation and connection to University equipment. A good guideline as to whether a product will be approved is to compare it to the University standard. If the product is not an exact match, ITS will not accept, install, or support the product. Before making or accepting a donation, please consult with the Associate Vice President for Information Technology.


    Software Installation

    For faculty and administration requiring the installation of a software package, the Help Desk is available to assist.

    In some instances, the Help Desk will work with the Network team to automatically deliver and install the application through the TitanNet network, while in other instances the Help Desk will schedule an on-site visit.

    For non-standard applications funded through the department, a copy of the license must be provided for each installation and that copy will be filed in the central ITS software library.

    ITS has a strict anti-piracy position and will not install unlicensed software. In addition, if any ITS member detects an unlicensed product they are obligated by federal law to correct the measure or to report the instance. Please refrain from the use of unlicensed software.

    Click here for information pertaining to the installation of courseware in the academic computing labs.


    Printer Repair Policy

    In an effort to more efficiently manage our institutional cost for printer repair, all McNichols computer users requiring printer repairs should now submit repair requests directly to the Help Desk at (313) 993-1500 or by ticket at If our Help Desk staff can repair the unit, they will do so; however, if a technician is required, the Help Desk staff will facilitate the repair with Detroit Mercy's exclusive printer repair vendor to ensure the work is properly completed. All external billable work will need to be approved by the Help Desk staff and will be IDC'd to the department. Warranty repair work for any printer should also be coordinated through the Help Desk. If it appears that a printer may be down for repair for more than an acceptable period of time, a loaner unit, if available, will be installed.

    Relocating Equipment

    The relocation of all IT related equipment is to be handled by the Help Desk. Please provide two weeks advance notice prior to the move to allow for the Help Desk staff, Network staff, and Telecomm staff to coordinate the effort. 

    While the relocation of equipment may seem like a minor item, in a complex University environment it is possible that computers and phones may be moved to locations where ports are not active or not configured.

    The Help Desk also maintains the active inventory of every IT related item and their records are frequently used during investigations of theft. Without an accurate record of the location of equipment, investigations, and replacement of missing equipment is often hampered.



    The Associate Vice President for Information Technology office exists to ensure the proper technology solutions and support are in place to support the University mission. To this end, input from the University community is important and greatly valued.

    To reach the Associate Vice President for Information Technology, please email, call (313) 993-1554, post a message to Detroit Mercy's Information Technology Services Facebook wall, or post a comment to the ITS blog.

    Please note: The primary point of contact for questions and requests is the Help Desk at (313) 993-1500 or online at