Chemistry 002



Level: 5 - Collaboration Room
TVs: 5 55" TVs - mounted on wall, controls in kitchenette and plugs on wall
TV   Controls
Projector Model: Dukane ImagePro 6650WSS - mounted on ceiling, controls and plugs on wall
HDMI Capable: Yes
Screen Size: 8 ft
Multi-Media Podium: No
Computer Availability: Mobile delivery - Contact AV office**
WiFi Coverage Level: General
Document Reader: Mobile delivery - Contact AV office**
Sound System: Built-in
Conference Phone Ready: No
Seating Capacity: 32
Electrical Outlets: 1 per desk (10 total), 11 outlets on north wall, 1-4 gang outlet on east (instructor) wall, 10 outlets on south wall, and 12 outlets on east wall
Air Conditioning: No

**48-hour notice required for AV delivery