Leadership Minor

Leadership Minor

More students than any other minor on campus, by far!

If you find that leadership is your passion or you would like to compliment your major, consider the Leadership Minor!

Requirements for the Leadership Minor

Leadership Minor Students

First:   LEAD 2000/PYC 2620 - Exploring Leadership  (3 credits)

Then:  (One course from approved list in each area below):

  • Individual Leadership Skills
    (3 credits)
  • Group Skills
    (3 credits)
  • Organizational Mgmt. & HR Skills
    (3 credits)
  • Community Engagement Skills
    (3 credits)

Final:  LEAD 4000/PYC 4620 - Leadership Capstone  (3 credits)

Related Program

Learn about the Emerging Leaders Program if you are also interested in earning a Leadership Pin or Medallion to wear at graduation!

Course Options for the Leadership Minor

For course lists related to your major, click on the following:

Don DiPaolo, Leadership Minor Coordinator


Leadership Minor Coordinator: Donald DiPaolo, PhD