Career Development Courses

The Career Education Center offers two courses to assist University of Detroit Mercy students in their career development. Each course provides a different emphasis on career development:
  • CEC 3010/5010 1 academic credit
    Career Development Strategies

    This course provides a developmental approach to career exploration and planning. Students develop a greater understanding of how their interests, skills and values are used to develop a successful career plan related to their academic major. Students gain knowledge of career options through self exploration utilizing assessment resources and employer insights help students recognize, acquire and develop skills sought by employers.

    Target audience: Undecided majors or students with a declared major who want more clarity about utilizing their major to explore career related employment or further academic studies.

    Offered: Winter terms and other terms as demand dictates.
  • CEC 3020/5020 1 academic credit
    Career Management Strategies
    Prerequisite: Junior Standing

    This course is best suited for junior and seniors who are likely to complete their undergraduate studies within the next year. Students will have the opportunity to develop lifelong career planning skills for managing their professional careers. Students explore career options to learn how their skills, interests and academic preparation can be focused for a meaningful job search strategy. Self exploration and assessment instruments are utilized in addition to resume, interviewing and job search preparation to provide students with the necessary career management skills to effectively identify and compete for professional career opportunities.

    Target audience: 2nd semester Juniors and Seniors who have a declared major and want to prepare for a career employment or graduate school search in a meaningful way.

    Offered: Fall and Winter terms as demand dictates.