School of Dentistry - Dental Hygiene Core Curriculum

This page contains an outline of the University of Detroit Mercy Core Curriculum requirements for students with majors in the School of Dentistry.

Click here and scroll down for a general list of approved Core Curriculum courses.

Note that you can search the Schedule of Classes by the Core Curriculum attribute to find classes that satisfy particular Core Knowledge Areas and Integrating Themes.

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    B.S. Dental Hygiene

    Knowledge Area A: Communication Skills

    • A1:  Oral Communication - CST 1010 Fundamentals of Speech
    • A2:  Written Communication - ENL 1310 Academic Writing

    Knowledge Area B: Mathematical & Statistical Knowledge

    • B1:  Quantitative & Symbolic Reasoning - any course with the B1 attribute
    • B2:  Statistical & Probabilistic Reasoning - DHY 8280 Scientific Literature AND DHY 8350 Scientific Presentation (Degree Completion students may take any course with the B2 attribute)

    Knowledge Area C:  Scientific Knowledge

    • C1:  Physical Science - CHM 1015 Chemical Principles (and others)
    • C2:  Social Science - PYC 1000 Intro to Psychology/ SOC 1000 Intro to Sociology

    Knowledge Area D:  Religious & Philosophical Knowledge

    • D1:  Philosophical Knowledge - PHL 1000 Introduction to Philosophy
    • D2:  Religious Knowledge - any course with the D2 attribute
    • D3:  PHL/RELS Elective - any course with the D3 attribute

    Knowledge Area E:  Essential Humanities

    • E1:  Historical Experiences - any course with the E1 attribute
    • E2:  Literary Experiences - any course with the E2 attribute
    • E3:  Aesthetic Experiences - any course with the E3 attribute

    Knowledge Area F:  Ethics & Social Responsibility

    • F1:  Ethics - any course with the F1 attribute

    Integrating Themes

    • IT1:  Reading, Writing, and Research Across the Curriculum - CHM 1015 Chemical Principles
    • IT2:  Critical Thinking - any course with the IT2 attribute
    • IT3:  Cultural Diversity - any course with the IT3 attribute
    • IT5:  Personal Spiritual Development - any course with the IT5 attribute
    • IT6:  Spirituality and Social Justice - any course with the IT6 attribute