Nick Rombes

Professor of English
Co-Director University Honors Program

Nick Rombes
Contact Info:
Campus: McNichols Campus
Building: Briggs
Room: 232
Phone: 313-993-1085
Nick Rombes
Areas of Expertise:
History - Age of Enlightenment
Pop Culture - The Ramones
Literature and Science
Electronic Media
Women's Literature


  • Ph.D., English, Penn State
  • M.A., English, Penn State
  • B.S., Bowling Green State University


Professor Rombes' research and teaching interests include post-digital culture, early American literature and punk as a subculture. He is author of "Cinema in the Digital Age" (Columbia University Press), "A Cultural Dictionary of Punk" (Bloomsbury) and the novel "The Absolution of Roberto Acestes Laing" (Two Dollar Radio). He also directed a movie, the lo-fi, sci-fi love story "The Removals." He has been invited to speak at several international conferences including, most recently, in Tehran, Iran. Rombes holds a Bachelor of Science from Bowling Green State University and a Master of Arts and a doctorate in English from Penn State. He joined the University in 1995. You can view Rombes' website: