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Fulbright Scholars

The UDM Community is proud of the faculty that have been selected and participated in the Fulbright Scholar Program.  Since Consolidation, seven members of UDM's faculty have been awarded nine Fulbright grants.  On December 10, 2009, as part of the Second Wednesday Series, five of our scholars gathered to share their insights about applying for the scholarship and their experiences as scholars.  As reported by each faculty member, the experiences varied, however, all agreed that their tenure as scholars was life-changing and provided outstanding academic experience as well as professional growth.  Faculty served as scholars for one or two terms.  All of the scholars shared the belief that faculty should consider applying for a Fulbright and all expressed a willingness to assist others with applications and information.

The panelists* that spoke in December included:

Claire Crabtree, Romania, Term I, 94/95 (CLAE)
Carla Groh, Iceland, Term II, 03/04 (CHP)
Tony Martinico, Poland, Terms I & II, 07/08 (SOA)
Gail Presbey, India, Term II 04/05 (CLAE)
Greg Sumner, Italy, Term II, 00/01 and Term II, 09/10 (CLAE)

Other UDM Fulbright Scholars from the University of Detroit Mercy have included:

Suk Kim, Korea, Term II, 91/92
Yogendra Chadda, Botswana, Terms I & II, 00/01 and Nepal, Term I, 08/09 (E&S)
Lorri MacDonald, Georgia, Terms I & II, 13/14
Nihad Dukhan, Turkey, 14/15 (E&S)

*These faculty encourage you to contact them for assistance, encouragement or advice about the process and the experience.

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