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Student Fellowships

Did you know that there is fellowship and scholarship money available in addition to your Detroit Mercy financial aid package?

There are fellowships and scholarships available for studying abroad, for internships, for graduate school, for special projects you might like to pursue, and for much more.

The newly launched Office for Student Fellowships (OSF) is here to mentor Detroit Mercy students interested in applying for fellowships, scholarships, and grants from agencies and sponsors outside of the University.

How do I apply for a fellowship, scholarship or grant?

Follow these four steps.

  1. Read about opportunities by clicking here and do your own internet searches.
  2. Go to the specific fellowship, scholarship, and grant websites to find out more specific information.
  3. Read through the information contained in the links below.
  4. If you find a possible fit for your background and interests, complete and submit the Preliminary Interest Form. This completed form is required for all potential Detroit Mercy applicants.

    About Detroit Mercy Selection of Candidates And Internal Deadlines

    Some fellowships, scholarships, and grants require the University of Detroit Mercy to select, nominate, or otherwise endorse you as a candidate before you may continue with the application process.

    Detroit Mercy, through the Office for Student Fellowships (OSF), sets its own internal deadlines for applicants well in advance of the deadlines established by those agencies which are offering the fellowships, scholarships, and grants. Detroit Mercy students must abide by these deadlines in order to receive the assistance of the OSF and, where applicable, to be considered for endorsement by the University. 

    In the case of fellowships, scholarship, and grants which do not require this official endorsement, the Director of Student Fellowships will advise you regarding the strength of your potential candidacy.


    About Letters Of Recommendation

    University professors, administrators, coaches, priests, ministers all expect students to ask for letters of recommendation so do not be shy about asking for one. That being said, it is important that you select an individual you believe will write you a strong and honest letter.

    It is crucial, as well, that you make your request early and well in advance of your deadlines. The Office of Student Fellowships recommends that you approach the person from whom you will ask a recommendation at least 4-6 weeks in advance of your deadline.

    Make your request either in person—usually by setting up a meeting with your potential recommender—or through a formal, well-written email.

    In order to assist your recommender, provide:

      1. A description of the fellowship, etc., for which you are applying.
      2. The deadline for your recommender to submit it to the foundation/agency or for the letter to be sent to or picked up by you.
      3. Your proposal, your resumé/curriculum vitae, and any other information that might be useful and help your recommender write a strong letter with specific details.
      4. If possible, a brief statement regarding your interest in and suitability for the fellowship. Your Preliminary Interest Form will help you with this.

    As you want your recommender to be able to focus on writing the actual letter, take care of all practical matters yourself. For example, fill out any forms completely; provide an appropriate sized envelope addressed to the foundation/agency; affix any necessary postage to the envelope or let your recommender know how and when you will pick up the completed letter.

    Letters of recommendation take a good deal of time and effort so always, of course, express your gratitude.

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