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Area students comment on the MCD graduate program

ribbron“Having a Master of Community Development degree provides the opportunity to work on projects which are fulfilling and beneficial to the city. The MCD Program helped us look at our community, assess it from every direction and devise new ways to compete in this global society.” James Ribbron
Dinah Hoskin“I chose the program because of its interdisciplinary approach. It’s not focused on just one thing. It attracts people from all walks of life so you get diverse perspectives on all aspects of community development. Dinah Hoskin
Jeffrey Smith“We’ve gotten real world experience though the program. The community service element you may not get elsewhere, but this college’s focus is on service and community development—that alone made me come here.” Jeffrey Smith
Matthew Bihur“The Community Development program has introduced me to a lot of new avenues. I realize how classes not directly related to community development still lend themselves to community development. The program is making me well rounded for a career in community development or a related field.” Matthew Bihur
riley“I am working with youth now, and I want to give them more exposure to their community—so they can take pride in it. I am learning a lot about the community, and I appreciate the community’s physical structure more.” Linda Riley-Hathorne ’90, ‘94
wilson“I waited to go to graduate school. I was searching for a program that met my interest in politics and non-profits. This program combines both. It gives you a network—we’ve had numerous individuals speak to us about non–profit organizations. I also like that the program is small; it’s like a family.” Erika Wilson

murray“My passion is making a difference in the community. I wanted to broaden the knowledge and experience I have in my role at Charter One with an academic discipline. The MCD Program and the HOPE model, in particular, expands community development perspectives beyond economic to include human, physical and organizational development. This program has filled in the gaps and allows me to be even more effective in my capacity with greater impact in the community.” Donna Murray