The Titan Success Network survey

Who takes the survey?

The Titan Success Network survey is for all first-year, second-year, and transfer students with 50 or less earned credit hours.  

To get to the survey, visit the MAP-Works site at In the Students section, enter your email address. An email will be sent to you that includes a secure link into the MAP-Works system.

When do I take the survey?

There will be a series of three surveys sent out. One at the beginning of Fall semester, one at the end of Fall semester and then one more at the beginning of the Winter semester. All students will be sent a message through their UDM student email with a link connecting them to their survey. 

What do I get out of it?

The TSN survey will provide you with an extensive, personalized report about yourself including:

  • How to be more successful in college
  • How to meet your academic expectations
  • What your classmates are thinking and
  • FREE campus resources available to you!

In addition, those who respond to the survey will have the opportunity to meet with a TSN staff member to create an action plan to help craft the experience you want here at UDM!

How do I make an appointment with my Academic Advisor?

Go to Follow the instructions to generate your MAP-Works Log in, which you will access through your email.

Then go to PrimaryCampus Connections and use the Make Appointment feature above my name to select an appointment day and time. You will then get an email confirmation.

Feel free to stop by the Student Success Center if you have any questions:

Felicia Mitrovich, M.A.
Assistant Director
Student Success Center
Library Room 319
Office: 313-993-1265