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Undergraduate Coordinators' Committee

The Undergraduate Coordinators' Committee was formed in order to bring together those individuals who are most knowledgeable and responsible for assisting faculty and students in the academic advising process.

The committee's members represent all the undergraduate colleges and schools as well as related academic support services. The committee deals with problems that arise in connection with any procedures or forms affecting students, from registration to recording grades. This includes issues dealing with the University's academic calendar, scheduling changes for courses and programs, financial aid and billing procedures.

The committee meets every three weeks and makes recommendations for changes to the provost and vice president for Academic Affairs.

Committee Members

Elissa Clemons Career Education Center
Tyra Dahlerup Office of Admissions
Pamela Gibes Dental Hygiene, School of Dentistry
Amber Johnson TRiO Grant
Len Kloft College of Business Administration
Karin La Rose-Neil McAuley School of Nursing
Taessa Malone-Carter McAuley School of Mursing
Victoria Mantzopoulos College of Liberal Arts & Education
Sean Novak College of Liberal Arts & Education
Joseph Odoerfer School of Architecture
Evan Peterson College of Business Administration
Diane Praet Office of the Registrar (Chair)
Claudia Rowland College of Health Professions
Jaime Sinutko McAuley School of Nursing
Katy Snyder College of Engineering & Science
 Weihong Sun International Services Office
Amy Touchette Office of the Registrar
Susan Trudeau Student Success Center
 Lisa Zessin Academic Affairs (Recorder)