Academic Integrity/Conduct

Allegation of Scientific/ScholarlyMisconduct Inquiry Investigation Committee

Although the instances of verifiable scientific/scholarly misconduct have remained small in number, they have been highly publicized. This has, understandably, led to increased concern regarding this issue within the scientific community, academic institutions, federal agencies and the general public. As a result, federal agencies have mandated that those institutions engaged in federally funded research and related activities initiate formal policies and procedures for dealing with allegations of misconduct. University of Detroit Mercy, therefore, developed the Policy and Procedures for Dealing with Allegations of Scientific/Scholarly Misconduct. The Inquiry/Investigation Committee is an integral part of the procedures used by the University when allegations of scientific scholarly misconduct are made. The complete charge to this committee may be viewed under the above underlined policy and procedures document.

Meeting Schedule

This committee meets as needed.

Committee Members

The academic vice president shall appoint an Inquiry Committee within ten (10) working days of notification by the Misconduct Policy Officer that an investigation of an allegation of scientific/scholarly misconduct is warranted.