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Principle Investigator Status Policy

There are three different categories of Principle Investigator (PI) status at University of Detroit Mercy. PI status conveys to an individual the privilege of acting as director or co-director (PI or Co-PI) on a sponsored project application. The University restricts the designation of PI status to certain categories of individuals under the following procedures:
  1. Regular PI Status is granted automatically to regular faculty, and academic staff and also to research associates identified in the budget of the University in recognition of their affiliation with the University.

  2. Special PI Status may be granted to individuals who possess credentials similar to those persons described in category 1 above, but who do not currently hold a category 1 affiliation with the University. For example, persons holding courtesy or adjunct appointment may request Special PI status. Special PI status usually requires a terminal degree in the discipline.

    The procedure to obtain Special PI status is for the sponsoring unit, e.g. department, unit, or school, to make a written request to the provost and VPAA. The request should include a copy of the individual's vita. It should also indicate that the individual possesses the expertise to hold Special PI status and that the department agrees to support and house any project awarded under the PI's direction.

    Please note that the OSPRA may recommend that the adjunct faculty member partner with a full-time faculty member. 
  3. Project PI Status may be granted to any unclassified or classified employee of the University not covered in category 1, e.g. professional staff. This status is granted to an individual only on a project by project basis and must be requested for each new project.

    The procedure requires a letter of request from the individual's supervisor, co-signed by the unit head. The request should be addressed to the provost and VPAA and should contain a copy of the nominee's vita. The letter makes a recommendation for the person based on his or her expertise, indicates departmental agreement to house any resulting project, and addresses the relevance of the project to the nominee's regular employment responsibilities.
  4. Students will not be granted PI status except in the case of student programs or fellowships.